Not collecting Avios? You’re missing out, big time.

So, Avios….. the mystery currency that millions of people around the world use – but what actually is it? 

In this jumpstart guide, I’ll help you with the basics, so you can start your journey to securing free flights, hotels, upgrades and gifts! I’ve been collecting Avios for nearly 5 years now and I’ve used them to purchase plenty of free flight tickets including Business Class flights to Copenhagen recently, plus lots of hotel stays and the occasional bottle of gin…

Exploring Malta recently with flights paid for with Avios points

What is Avios?

Avios is a reward currency. You collect points, which can then be redeemed on flights, upgrades, hotel stays or even alcohol. Personally, I think it’s the best reward scheme out there – trumping the likes of Tesco Clubcard and Nectar Card big time.

Some people wrongly assume that you can only collect Avios points when you make flight bookings, that quite simply isn’t true, you can actually collect Avios points from your usual day-to-day spending if you get your hands on an Avios credit card, such as a British Airways American Express (that’s the one I use, and it’s super easy to collect points this way). You can also collect Avios on your internet shopping purchases through the shopping portal.

The easiest way to collect and manage your Avios is through the British Airways Executive Club. It’s completely free to sign up for. The Executive Club is basically the online piggy bank you set up that allows you to both collect and spend your Avios points.

Want to check out all the places you can spend your Avios? Click here to take a look on the Executive Club website.

How does an Avios Credit Card work?

The simplest and easiest way to generate Avios points is through an Avios Credit Card. The most popular of which is the American Express British Airways card. These are basically credit cards that you pay off each month; and you get points for every pound on your statement that month. You don’t need to spend more money than normal, just shift your day-to-day spending onto your Amex card instead of your debit card, and pay it off as you go. That way, you’ve got increased consumer protection as credit cards are often better than debit cards, plus you’re gaining Avios with every purchase – even your cup of coffee or your online clothes order is helping you get one step closer to securing free flights! Not every shop takes American Express though, so keep your debit card handy, just in case!

The Avios points automatically transfer to your British Airways Executive Club account at the end of each month, which is basically your Avios piggy bank. Plus, at the moment, via my referral link below, you can get up-to 6,000 bonus Avios just for signing up. 

As it’s a credit card, you do need to make sure you clear the balance each month and you understand how credit cards work though, otherwise if you manage it poorly it could affect your credit score. The simplest way to avoid forgetting to pay it off or making a mistake is by simply setting a Direct Debit up on the American Express app once you’re up and running.

How can I maximise the number of points I get?

Here are my 3 top tips…

  • Claim the bonus Avios points for signing up to a British Airways American Express card, and move all your day-to-day spending to this card
  • Spend £12,000 per year on the card (you could even run all your utilities through it) in order to gain a Companion Voucher – this is basically a 2-4-1 voucher for flights issued once a year if you hit the minimum annual spend, so you basically get 2 flight tickets for the price of 1
  • Download the Executive Club app on your phone, and click through the app each time you go to make an online purchase

How do I get started?

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