AVIOS – something you hear frequent travellers chat about all the time – but what on earth is it?!!!

Avios is an air miles currency, in which you collect points for travelling on flights or for your everyday spending through an Avios credit card. In effect you collect points which can then be converted into free flights, flight upgrades, hotel stays, experiences (such as a 3-course meal at a popular restaurant) or alcohol. You collect Avios points through the British Airways Executive Club, which is free for anyone to sign up to. I’ve used my Executive Club Avios points to pay for 3 hotel stays, return flights, food onboard British Airways flights and a crate of wine in just the last year alone.

So why bother? Here’s my simple run down:

  • Avios points can be gained through everyday spending when you pay with a BA American Express card. So when you pick up a coffee, or do your weekly shop, you’re gaining points without doing anything.
  • Avios is one of the most generous ‘points based’ rewards systems. It offers better rewards than Tesco Clubcard, Nectar Points etc.
  • It is flexible; you can chose to use it on flights, flight upgrades (i.e Economy -> Business class), hotel stays, experiences, car hire or wine. All of these can be purchased easily through the British Airways Executive Club app for iPhone or Android.
  • It is FREE to join the British Airways Executive Club. Plus, the American Express British Airways card is free to have too (so long as you always pay off your balance), so you earn points with every transaction you make.

The British Airways American Express Card:

The British Airways American Express card is an easy way to earn Avios on your everyday transaction. It is a credit card that is completely free to apply for and have – you just need to ensure you pay off your balance each month. I use mine instead of my normal debit card, and pay it off from my bank account at the end of the month (or you can use a Direct Debit, so it automatically gets paid every month from your main account).

The good news is that with my referral link, you’ll get 6,000 bonus Avios for signing up, so long as you spend £1,000 in the first 6 months of having the card (or roughly £167 a month for 6 months). In effect, if you switch from using your debit card to paying on your new Amex, you could gain 6,000 points incredibly easily.

6,000 points could* get you: Return flights to Paris from London, an overnight stay at an airport hotel or an expensive bottle of premium Gin. Who doesn’t love free stuff?!

How to start collecting avios

To join the British Airways Executive Club for free, click this link here.

To get the British Airways American Express Card with 6,000 bonus points, click here for my direct referral link. Make sure you do your own reading about the card too before you apply – but I think this is an awesome way to up your travel game for free.