EuroStar Sale – Tickets to Paris & Brussels from £29

Need an excuse to visit Paris, Brussels or Bruges? The EuroStar sale has just kicked off – offering standard tickets for £29 and Standard Premier for £70.  There is availability from the end of January to July, but search around for the best dates that offer the most convenient times at the £29 (or £70 for Standard Premier) price point.

The EuroStar is one of my favourite ways to travel on a short break because you avoid the faff of an airport visit and the train takes you straight into the city, not some airport on the outskirts. Plus – the journey often involves the opportunity to see lots of really picturesque French countryside.

What’s the difference between Standard (£29) and Standard Premier (£70)?

Standard tickets are your typical EuroStar seats with no frills. You can buy drinks / snacks onboard if you so wish.

Standard Premier tickets are in between standard and Premier/Business class. With Standard Premier, you actually benefit from the exact same seats as in Premier/Business, so they’re much bigger, comfier and with more space. Plus, you’ll get a meal served to you (breakfast, lunch or dinner) alongside a choice of White, Red or Rose wine / non alcoholic alternative. 

If you’ve got the spare cash, I can see the appeal of Standard Premier, but as it’s such a short journey, I’d be more than willing to opt for Standard and spend the difference in the destination city.

How to book

Click this link to go straight to the EuroStar Sale page.